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Saatzucht Fritz Lange KG (SFL) is a privately owned company that has been breeding and marketing quality seed potatoes for over 70 years. SFL consists of 3 breeding subsidiaries on the following locations:

  • Bad Schwartau, Schleswig-Holstein: headquarters and main centre for breeding activities
  • Carolinensiel, Niedersachsen:
    coastal region of Niedersachsen, protected seed growing area
  • Breesen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: north of Berlin (former breeding station of the GDR), protected seed growing area

These breeding centres grow high quality seed potatoes on an area of 370 ha (761,6 acres). There are modern facilities available for storing and grading. Total storage capacity is over 12.000 (metric) tons. These pallet box storage facilities are equipped with a state-of-the-art refrigeration system ( to). Quality management is one of our main tragets.


The breeding division is producing 70,000 seedlings every year. These seedlings are being put to the trial and selected on the three locations. This procedure is followed by tests within Germany and other European countries. The breeding activities are aimed at improving resistances to Globodera species, PVY, PLRV and Phytophthora infestans. By means of a biotechnology department, we are able to do the virus testing and the in vitro production of healthy material in our own department.


As a result of this selection very low input have been developed with an excellent presentation. These low-input varieties are highly adaptable. They combine good to very good Y-virus-resistance (immunity) with tolerances an resistances to abiotic and biotic stress like drought tolerence, broad nematode resistance and late blight tolerance.

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